Building a resilient work environment

Managing staff’s mental well-being and helping them to manage stress remains at the top of the agenda for many employers.

Firstly, an understanding of what emotional resilience means needs to be clear to employers.

We believe that emotional resilience is the ability of an individual to bounce back after a period of stress or difficulties at work.

Emotional resilience can be taught, and your workplace offers the ideal setting for you to support your employees. The benefit to you as an employer is a more resilient, balanced and productive team, fewer absences due to physical and mental sickness and a far better balance sheet!

The key elements of emotional resilience can include: the ability to build and maintain good relationships with colleagues, a sense of control over one’s workflow and pace, the ability to change pace or priority and the ability to take a role in the work community.

As an employer, you can work towards building an environment which:

– Is trusting

If your employees feel they can speak their mind, are supported and empowered to do their work, their resilience will be far higher than those who struggle with micro-managers.

– Is aware

Making small changes to your environment or working terms can make a huge difference. Flexible working, buddy systems, offering a chill-out space or regular diarised catch-ups with your employees can make a huge difference.

– Values training

Training managers about the value of developing emotional resilience will ensure they are aware of employees who may be struggling and ensure they have the tools to hold their teams together when the pressure is on.

At Ei World we work with numerous businesses who see the value of developing emotional resilience within their executives and teams – and who reap the benefits! If you are keen to explore our approach in more detail, contact us on +44 0203-5070-270.

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