Building your emotional resilience – energy management

We all have busy lives, both at home and at work and it seems to be getting busier and busier. We all have periods when we just cannot think straight or focus on the task in hand and this in turn can lead us to act impulsively or do things we later regret. We can make mistakes or sometimes make bad choices or look for external relief in the form of alcohol, shopping or whatever is our ‘drug’ of choice. At work we can find it hard to empathise with our colleagues and it can feel as if things are stuck in a state of chaos with no forward plan.

If we continue in this state, we start to notice cracks appearing in our relationships at home and at work, our health suffers and we start to feel disconnected from all that we hold dear.

Building emotional resilience is about learning to choose the thoughts, actions and feelings which enable us to function at our best.

Part of this process is the ability to manage the day to day activities that we do each day both at home or at work. We all have things that motivate us and bring us joy, and we certainly all have those we would rather not do and drain us. Recognising these and managing your energy is essential to help you notice how you are literally wearing stress on a daily basis.

So, go ahead and ask yourself, what activities give you energy and which drain you?

Write them down and see what you come up with.

Here is an example from one of our clients, Fran.

Energy Audit Example: Fran

 Gives Me Energy  Drains Me
Swimming  Conflict in relationships
Walking (the dog)  The news and politics
Laughing  People not caring
Talking  My demanding family
Eating a meal with my best friend  Mess
Doing things with my family  The cat
Reading  The dog
Resting  My family
Getting things done  Thinking about my future
Being with my family  Fears about my health
My best friend  Worrying what people think of me
Being by the sea  My oldest sister
My middle sister  Envy
Cleaning and tidying, throwing things out  or recycling them  Thinking about my weight
My mum and dad Caring about things that don’t matter
Helping others  Traveling
Being alone and feeling like a grown-up  My grandma
Coaching sessions  Friendships
Time to reflect IPAD, communication, technology, TV

Collating this list is a step towards building and managing your emotional resilience. To find how you can take the next step, contact EI World on +44(0)2035070270 or email us at

Emotional Resilience by Geetu Bharwaney was published by Pearson.

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