Increasing your influence

Gaining influence at work is a skill which can be developed with a little time and effort. If you are a new team leader, you may feel a little unsure as to how you can influence your group. There are some simple strategies you can use to help build your influence positively. We’ve outlined four below:

Be human

A little personality goes a long way! When you are trying to build influence in the workplace or if you are a team leader, you do need to be approachable and human! If you isolate yourself or distance yourself by trying to build a perceived authority, you will alienate yourself and put yourself in a position where you are viewed with distrust. Chatting with your team, knowing a little about them and being aware of their emotions are all important skills to develop to help cultivate a sense of team and ensure your team remains more receptive when you want or need to assert your ideas.

Be trusting

When your colleagues trust you, they will be more open to your influence. Cultivating trust is most easily done by being open and honest, no matter what. Stating opinions and apprehensions and not taking sides or keeping secrets are the simplest ways to develop trust.

Be consistent

Being consistent can be tricky, but developing a consistent style of leadership which offers your colleagues clear expectations, consistent rewards and a consistent style of behaviour reaps rewards. Simple things such as ensuring you complete your tasks on time effectively show you are reliable and to be trusted. It is this consistency that is vital for building influence. Otherwise, you will carry an air of unpredictability about you and your colleagues will not know whether to trust or query your suggestions.

Be a listener

Building and maintaining your influence is a two-way street. Encouraging people to speak up and voice their opinions is crucial, but listening to these opinions is the key to success. Take a little time to respect and acknowledge everyone’s opinion and let your team know that you value them.

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