Julie Fisher, MoneySavingExpert.com, explains how EI World helped her and her team.

Julie Fisher, former Operational Director of travelsupermarket.com, uses this video to discuss how working with EI World transformed her business.

Julie worked with EI World on her own emotional resilience and that of her team. She explains how she knew the team was not functioning to the best of its ability but was unsure of how to correct it. Working with the Team Ei survey and its results, she understood that the team had no ‘norms’. There were no guidelines in place for how the team was expected to treat each other with respect, how they instigated and ran meetings or how they followed up on the actions that were the product of these meetings. As part of their work following the Team Ei survey results, these guidelines and expectations were put in place.

However, Julie also realised that the business was now past the start-up stage and was actually in its second stage of growth. As she clearly states, working with Dr Geetu Bharwaney made her feel comfortable and confident with the fact that she needed to hand over this part of the business growth to someone else with the requisite skills to take it forward. She stepped out of her role and a new recruit was put in place.

She says in her testimonial: “My plan was to explore how we should drive the MoneySavingExpert.com (MSE) business forward. I looked at the structure, the operating model and the team and I looked at how I’d integrated it into the group. I realised it was in its second stage of development and it actually needed a different skill set from mine to take it forward. I took the decision to step out of that role after I’d done the foundation integration pieces and I recruited somebody whom I consider to be a really talented member of the team, to take that business on. I’d done the integration pieces, I’d set the foundations, I’d put in place the models so that the teams could work effectively together. That was my job done, and, do you know what? Geetu made me comfortable with that. I didn’t see that as a failure. I saw it as that’s the role that I played; it was a fantastic one, but actually, now I need to go and do something different.”

Her latest role is Chief Operating Officer, MSE Credit Club.

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