Recruiting the best!

Work life is likely to get more and more stressful as changes come into play in response to world and economic changes. If you are recruiting a new team leader, how do you ensure they are aware of team emotional resilience, or TeamEi as we call it, and will make sure their team do not become overwhelmed?

Good candidates will actively seek new opportunities to boost team morale, emotional resilience and engagement, but how do you identify them?

We suggest you look for candidates who can show you exactly how they have taken a supportive role. They will show you that they are aware of the importance of recognising their own emotional responses to situations and give you examples of how they make sure their interactions with their team are appropriate.

They might give examples which show you how they have built in a number of opportunities for employees to communicate with them, such as regular one-to-ones and group meetings, and perhaps things like suggestion boxes or regular satisfaction surveys. They may have set up or run well-being programmes or looked at ways in which they can support individual employees’ learning through, say, mentoring.

Quickly discard those candidates who say their team is never stressed – not true! Every team has stress at some point and it is up to their manager to be aware and actively help manage it. Other candidates may state that they focus purely on productivity and don’t hand-hold their employees. Such an attitude can have a really negative impact on the well-being of your employees, purely because if they don’t ask how your staff are, you won’t know until it is too late and you are recruiting on a major scale!

If you are recruiting new team leaders this summer, speak to us about the assessments that we can offer to help you choose the right candidates, and the team coaching that we can provide to get your new starters off to the best start in their critical first 100 days to lead a high performing team.

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