Understanding VUCA

For today’s young men, developing emotional resilience will be one of the keys to their own and our wider future business success.

In a recent article for Askmen, Dr Geetu Bharwaney explains how today we are living in VUCA, an everyday experience of life that can be defined as Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

Everything is getting more complex and our days are becoming more unpredictable.

Young men who are soon to enter the world of work will need to be flexible and be able to react to situations calmly and productively. They are likely to change jobs several times over a period of a couple of years, not to mention changing their partners, for that matter! They may completely change careers over a longer period for many reasons, some of which may be out of their control, so they will have to amass the skills that allow them to make these changes successfully and completely. Changing and advancing technology will empower them but could also isolate them. So, how do they cope?

Read more about living in VUCA and our five top tips by linking to the full article

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