Understanding yourself

How to manage yourself and your time – an age old question! Time is precious, so use it well.

When you do decide to be more careful with your time, you will see a huge difference in your competency, productivity and effectiveness, both at home and at work.

EI World has some quick and simple tips to start you on your journey.

– Start your day off with an enjoyable job – this achievement will set you up for the rest of the day! Walk the dog! Drink your coffee in the garden! Go for a swim! Have five minutes alone with your child or partner!

– It’s all in the planning! Plan tomorrow, today! That long-standing tip about listing your work and home tasks for tomorrow at the end of the day really does pay off. Prioritise these jobs and give yourself an estimate of the time you think you might need.

– Eat your elephant in bite-sized pieces! Divide larger projects into smaller, more manageable tasks and concentrate only on those tasks that truly require your attention at that moment.

– Get to know yourself! Work out the times in the day when your energy is higher or when you are at your most creative and do the jobs that require these skills at these times.

– Say No! Always a tricky one, but sometimes you just need to learn to say no! Before you book that next meeting, ask yourself whether you can accomplish the same goals or tasks via email, phone or with a web-based meeting.

– Start to plan your work or tasks in longer cycles – plan weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Most importantly, build yourself at least one regular quiet or non-interruptible time, just for yourself!

To make sure you develop the skills to perform at your best, Emotional Resilience is a dynamic book, written by EI World expert Geetu Bharwaney.

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